Grace's Story
Posted by : Baby Havens

Who knows what desperation causes a mother to abandon her baby? On the first day of September 2003, the first day of South African Spring, a little girl was born and left in a dustbin across the street from a rural clinic outside Johannesburg. This was a telling detail: her location ensured her discovery and her survival. In the early hours of 2 September 2003, someone heard a little cry and brought her to the clinic. Once inside, her umbilical cord was clamped. A nurse later said the baby was frozen so she wrapped her up and put her by a radiator, not believing she would survive. She did survive and a few hours later Child Welfare called Caroline Webb and asked if there was room for her at Baby Haven. The social worker asked Caroline for a name and the Scripture ran through Caroline’s mind, “by grace she has been saved.” Caroline said “We’ll call her Grace.” Within hours Grace was in her cot in Baby Haven having drunk two full bottles of milk. Four months later, a couple from the Webbs’ church fell in love with her. Gracie went to live with them on 1 February and her adoption was completed soon after. Gracie was the first baby at Baby Haven and will always have an extra special spot in the Webbs’ hearts. The new parents later returned to Baby Haven to adopt their second child.

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